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Terrorism Seminar

Personal Security Concepts, Inc.
provides terrorism seminars to those who need to learn more about this troubling problem.  The seminar is designed in response to the growing concerns Americans have about terrorism both here in the United States and abroad.  This very informative seminar will provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to better understand the subject of terrorism and how it affects them.

The seminar can be custom tailored to suit your informational needs.  Whether your concerns revolve around personal security, corporate security, anti-terrorism, homeland security, traveling and working overseas, or just terrorism in general - the seminar can be structured to your requirements.

Subject Areas

* Introduction to Terrorism.
* History of Terrorism.
* Domestic Terrorism.
* International Terrorism.
* Terrorist Groups and Organizations.
* Aims and Goals of Terrorists.
* Types of Terrorist Operations.
* Anti-Terrorism Methods and Techniques.
* Hardening Your Workplace.
* Corporate Responses to the Terrorist Threat.
* Homeland Security.


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