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Seminars for High-Risk Personnel

This two-day Personal Security Seminar for High-Risk Individuals covers all the subjects presented in the one-day Personal Security Seminar.  In addition, other serious crimes and threatening situations and the methods of defending against them are explored.

Subject Areas

* Crime and Urban Violence
* Crime Organizations
* Extortion
* Introduction to Terrorism
* Terrorist Operations
* Why Americans are targeted domestically and overseas
* Individual Protective Measures
* Methods of Self Defense
* Residential Security
* Workplace Security
* Vehicle Security
* Security While Traveling
* Detecting Surveillance
* Methods of preventing, defending against and surviving a Kidnapping
* Preparing for and surviving Hostage Situations
* Development of a Personal Security Plan for Individuals
* Development of a Personnel Security Program for your corporation
* Establishment of an Executive Protection Program for VIPs and executives



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